Creating Your Own Online Store with Shopify. June 03 2014

Creating your own online store is essential as a brand in this day in age.  People are buying online more then ever now.  With low overhead costs and high returns it is the best way to gain a strong presence in your market.  When looking at which way to go people find it challenging to get everything they want for a low cost.

We want our customers to be successful because without them who are we?  If you are looking into starting your brand, or switching hosts, look no further.
 Shopify offers a great online store platform that allows a blog, great looking web stores, and more for a low cost.  You can get plans as low as $29.99 a month and can design the store yourself.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars for just the design, shopify makes it easy to do it yourself and make your store look great with options such as blogs, sideshows, social media links, and tons of apps (free and paid) to boost your stores potential.  Shopify also automatically gives you great google search results.


Other options would be big cartel which offers low cost plans with little results, Big cartel onlyaccepts paypal payments at the  moment when Shopify automatically has integrated card processors at a low rate and the funds get directly deposited in your bank account in just a few days.  When searching for your new online store platform we highly recommend Shopify.  After all it is what we use.

To learn more about Shopify and sign up for a free trial click this link.