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Custom Embroidery



Here is some information that will help you in ordering process.




Our turnaround is 2-5 weeks depending on how busy we are.  We work our best to ensure all orders are done within 5 weeks.



 We do not provide customers with artwork.  Customers must supply us with artwork we accept most file types.



12+ Pieces $7.00 Per Hat

24+ Pieces $5.50 Per Hat

48+ Pieces $4.50 Per Hat

We also charge a $25 DST/ SETUP FEE per order.

(Certain logos do cost more per unit / it depends on the amount of fill and stitching)  the above pricing is for non complex (filled) logos.  Logos with fill and more colors are subject to a different price in which we will quote you. 

How To Order:

Ordering is easy.  Please place order for blank caps via our online store.  You will then receive a order confirmation email.  Simply reply to that with custom embroidery instructions including artwork, thread color, and any specific sizing directions.  Or simply email us at or fill out our contact form and we can prepare invoice.


If ordering custom embroidered packages you will not the desired hat styles.  If a certain style is out of stock we will replace with closest style and + your order.  However if most of your order is not in stock you will be contacted to make changes to order.  This is due to time convenience.  Our prices beat competitors due to efficiency.

Samples of our Work

Spoilage Rate:
All orders are subject to a 10% industry spoilage rate on custom embroidered garments.  Meaning that if you order 100 items up to 10 of them could be damaged or have flaws.  As we are dealing with custom logos and many variables mistakes do happed.  Please order more items if an exact amount is needed.
Any damaged or flawed items must be brought to our attention within 5 business days of receiving goods.



If producing a bulk order of 24 more hats or more you may ask for photo sample before full production.  Each sample is allowed one free revision in which we will produce another sample for no charge and send photo. Any additional revisions and samples are subject to $30 sample fee per sample.