Returns and Policy Page - Bulk-Caps Wholesale Headwear

Returns and Policy Page

Blank Items

We accept returns on blank items.  Returns must be initiated within 3 calendar days of receiving the items.  The items shall be in the same condition you received them.

We do not accept returns on decorated items for any reason whatsoever, so please inspect or have your embroidery house inspect your items before decorating them as we can not accept returns for any reason on items that have already been decorated.  They also will not be refunded or replaced as once they are decorated these items have been accepted and become no longer of use to us.

It is the buyers responsibility to pay return shipping + cost of original shipment. Only the amount of the product will be refunded in the case of return. 

There is a 15% restocking fee on any and all return or cancelled orders.  This is to be assessed to the total of items.  

We no longer accept any returns for international orders outside of the United States.

We are not responsible for any misspelled addresses.  Please double check all spelling before placing.  If items are returned to us we can reship but will need to charge the shipping fee again. 

Custom Items

Being that the items are customized and no longer sellable condition for us we have a strict no refund policy on custom orders.  If you wish to see a sample of your item before full production you may ask our team for such.  There is a small fee for this order add on as it slows down production, but we recommend this option to ensure your logo stitches how you wish. 

As mentioned above we recommend ordering a sample of your items before full production, you can order a physical hat sample here We highly recommend doing so because embroidery is very complicated and if your design requires a lot of detail in small place it WILL lose detail.  You can not jam a small detailed logo in a small space and expect perfect results.  Simple and clean logos work best for embroidery and make sure your lettering is large enough to be read.  We are not responsible for any production flaws if you choose to bypass this sample.  The embroidered package deals are sent straight into production which is why they are the price that they are.  

If items are out of stock for your custom embroidered package deals we will substitute items with the other caps you ordered.  For example if you order a 12 Custom 5 Panel package and request 4 navy, 4 olive, 4 black, and we go to embroider but are out of stock in the olive we will substitute and make the order 6 navy and 6 black.  There are several fluctuations in stock and the supply chain is very volatile currently.  So these changes will be made without contacting customer unless we do not have stock in any of the requested hats. This is part of ordering the package deals and saving money. If you need a specific item and quantities it is best to order a custom quote with our team at and any changes that need to be made to order will have communication. 

If you are unhappy with the photo samples you may cancel but you are responsible for any of the setup / dst file fees associated with order ($25 per dst file/ design)

We reserve the right to use photos of completed projects on our website and or social medias for our advertising use.  We will not distribute any of your physical items nor reproduce your logos unless ordered directly by you or your company.

Custom Embroidered items Spoilage Rate:

Mistakes are bound to happen in embroidery process.  Humans or machines.  All custom orders are subject to a 5-10% spoilage rate. Please order extra to account for this. 

Partial Shipments/ Unfulfillable 

In the event items are unavailable at the time of shipment we will ship what we have available and cancel/ refund the unfulfillable items + partial shipping costs.


Delivery Times

Blank hat orders ship within 1-14 business days depending on orders and current volume. 


Custom Embroidery orders ship within 5-30 business days (in most cases).  Due to the nature of custom orders and the demand and production schedule constantly changing these turnaround times are not guaranteed.  If you need a guaranteed turnaround time before placing a order check with our team and we will let you know if feasible.    Please contact us if you require a specific deadline to assure it is feasible and that we are made aware of such before taking the order.

Lost Mail/ Incorrect Addresses 

We are not responsible for any lost mail.  If the items are returned to us we will reship them to you at your expense.  If you enter the wrong address this is not our responsibility and there is nothing we can do other than reship item if they are returned to us.   Please be certain of your address when checking out.  All orders do include tracking information.


All billing is handled under our primary company name

Wub Wheel Co